GW2 Toolkit

The unofficial Toolkit for GW2

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The most popular app for Guild Wars 2 on Google Play

Gw2 Toolkit is the most downloaded unofficial app for Guild Wars 2. It has a variaty of features with the goal to support you reaching your daily and longer-term goals in the game by providing you useful information about your account.

Since this is a hobby project, the app doesn't need to generate any profit. This is why you don't see any ads in this app. It also means there is no company interested in any kind of personal data. So no usage tracker is used either. For more information about the data processed by this app see the privacy policy.

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Build Templates

Your personal build storage within your pocket. Browse your current build templates and save them in your app. So you always have access to your favorite builds.

Material cards showing the Guild Wars 2 skill tree
Material cards showing the crafting progress of different items

Crafting Progress

Do you want to know how much gold you probably need to finish crafting a specific item? Now you can! Search for the item of your needs and add it to your crafting list. The app will then calculate the estimated price to complete the crafting process. In the crafting tree you can then easily navigate through the whole recipe and see every ingredient you need.

Ingame Map

Whole Tyria is wherever you are. Have you ever heared of the "Old Oola Lab"? Well now you know where it is. With the map search you can find every waypoint, POI or challange. When you found your point of interest, the wiki is only one button press away.

Material bottom sheet showing details about the 'Old Oola Lab'
Material cards showing world boss events and when the event will start


Setup reminder for your favorite events, so you won't miss any of it again. There are timers for world bosses, HoT, PoF, Living World and Dry Top. If you are new to Guild Wars 2, the map in the event details will help you find out where the event will start.


Always have an eye on your ingame business! Check the prices of your desired items on the go. See, what you alredy sold and what is waiting in your tradingpost delivery box for you to be picked up when you log in next time.


With the customizable homescreen you don't have to navigate through the app, just to find out things you are checking more frequently. You can simply pin them on the homescreen and see them right after starting the app.


Back then when the instabilities weren't random this feature was a lot more usefull, I must admit that. But you can still check the daily fractals and see what items will help you on your way through.


See which raid boss you haven't visited this week, directly on your homescreen. I'm sure they're already waiting for you!

And even more...

Currencies, gold to gem exchange ratio, inventory search,... There are more useful features for every player.

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